SGI Announces X86 Servers with Dual On-Board QDR

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SGI, yesterday, announced the first in the Rackable x86 scale-out series of servers to support both on-board quad data rate [QDR] Infiniband and 10Gb Ethernet connections.  Available across the Rackable server product line, the new servers feature dual quad small form factor pluggable [QSFP] ports running at 40Gbps QDR Infiniband or 10Gb Ethernet.

Diverse industries, including oil and gas, financial services, engineering, and research and education, are eagerly deploying HPC solutions to increase operational performance,” said Giovanni Coglitore, senior vice president and chief products officer at SGI. “Our upgraded Rackable servers are optimized to manage a complex workflow and allow applications to attain high performance without the I/O bottlenecks associated with higher latency and lower bandwidth solutions.”

The new servers are based upon the latest Intel 5500 series Nehalem and support top-bin silicon at 3.2Ghz with up to 96GB of memory.  For more info on the new servers, read the full release here.