Switzerland announces investment in national HPC strategy

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Just over the mail transom today, news from the Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation that they’ve adopted and are funding a national HPC strategy. Bill Feiereisen sent me the pointer and explained what it all means (since the release is in German and I don’t speak much German any more)

You have to read German for this, but this is a significant development in Europe. It cites the adoption of a national strategy for HPC that is to be implemented over three years at a cost of 172M CHF — somewhere around $150M. This is a big deal for a small country, but shows that small can be nimbler than big.

I’ll watch for the announcement to come out in English and post the link here.


  1. John West says

    Dan – cool, thanks!

  2. For an overview of the HPC activities in Switzerland, have a look at the web pages of the Swiss HPC Service Provider Community (http://www.hpc-ch.org)

    The goal of hpc-ch is to support and foster the knowledge exchange between providers of HPC systems at Swiss universities.