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Switzerland announces investment in national HPC strategy

Just over the mail transom today, news from the Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation that they’ve adopted and are funding a national HPC strategy. Bill Feiereisen sent me the pointer and explained what it all means (since the release is in German and I don’t speak much German any more)

You have to read German for this, but this is a significant development in Europe. It cites the adoption of a national strategy for HPC that is to be implemented over three years at a cost of 172M CHF — somewhere around $150M. This is a big deal for a small country, but shows that small can be nimbler than big.

I’ll watch for the announcement to come out in English and post the link here.


  1. John West says:

    Dan – cool, thanks!

  2. For an overview of the HPC activities in Switzerland, have a look at the web pages of the Swiss HPC Service Provider Community (

    The goal of hpc-ch is to support and foster the knowledge exchange between providers of HPC systems at Swiss universities.

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