What do HPC and megayachts have in common?

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According to this press release from Monday, ANSYS.

ANSYS simulation…award-winning yacht builder Delta Marine uses simulation software from ANSYS to create custom megayachts that are engineered from bottom to top for beauty, speed and strength. Buyers of these craft are interested in a luxurious interior and high cruising speed, so naval architects at Delta deliver a state-of-the-art craft without sacrificing performance. The company uses software from ANSYS throughout the design process to solve complex load distribution challenges, affording interior designers maximum flexibility in meeting customers’ individual requests.

The balance that yacht designers have to strike (of course I know this from the painstaking process we are going through building the insideHPC Editorial Team Yacht) is that luxurious items, like marble and exotics woods, can be heavy, but yachts need to be light for speed.

ANSYS simulationAs a result, the company’s naval architects turn to graphite composites, layered engineered materials that are stiffer and stronger than metals per unit of weight.

“Composites enable more flexible designs because their physical properties can be tailored to a very high degree. But at the same time, composites can be more complex to model than solid materials such as iron or steel,” said Chad Caron, P.E., naval architect for Delta Marine. The depth of technology in software from ANSYS provides complete composite solutions, which otherwise would be quite challenging, since each composite layer can have different material properties. Delta uses ANSYS(R) technology to evaluate global and local stresses on a layer-by-layer basis. Most other structural analysis packages merely average the loads over the stack.

More in the article, as well as a link to even more pictures of these beauties. I once heard a megayacht owner say the best way to experience one of these babies is by having a friend with one. Hey, we’ll bring the beer.


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