25 Open HPC Applications

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At the end of the day, HPC hardware is cool, but applications are what really generate results.  Applications for high performance computing can be very complex and thus, relatively expensive.  However, given the open source nature of Linux and other *NIX tools, there is quite a series of wonderful open applications available to the high performance computing.  These open apps provide a great basis for for scientists new and old to perform their research without a million dollar budget roll.

Douglas Eadline, via HPCComunnity.org posted a great summary of 25 great applications for HPC that span quite the mryiad of subjects.


.: mpiBLAST


Molecular Dynamics:



.: Desmond

.: OpenAtom


.: POP

.: WRF

.: MM5

Notice that I’ve only named a few.  You’ll have to read Doug’s full writeup to get the scoop on Electronics Structure/Quantum Chemistry, CFD, Finite Element Analysis, Cosmology, GeoScience, CAD Solid Modeling and Visualization.  His list is by no means all-encompassing.  If you or your colleagues have other apps that you would like Dr. Eadline and insideHPC, drop us a note in the comments.

For more info, read Doug’s full article here.


  1. I only know of 3 out of the 9 you listed that were run on one of my clusters. Not to say that more weren’t run without my knowledge But, of the list at least 1/3 have burned cycles on a super.

    Toys, toys, toys.



  2. John Leidel says

    What, you don’t play Doom on your supercomputer? 🙂