ANSYS updates thermal modeling app

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A quicky from engineering and analysis software maker ANSYS

ANSYS, Inc. …today announced the latest release of ANSYS Icepak software, which provides robust and powerful fluid dynamics technology for electronics thermal management. The 12.0 release introduces new solutions for printed circuit board (PCB) and package thermal analysis, new and enhanced technology for meshing complex geometry, and new physical modeling capabilities. These advances enable engineers who design electronic components for products such as cell phones, computers and graphics cards to improve design performance, reduce the need for physical prototypes and shorten time to market in the highly competitive electronics industry.

I debated about whether to cover this one, and then what pushed me over the edge is the possibility that some of you out there might work in companies that need this kind of information to do a better job designing HPC systems or components. What do you think? Is this too highly specialized, or are you glad I posted it? Sound off in this posts comments (at the web site if you are reading this by email or RSS).