BlueArc Aims at Midrange Market with Mercury Series

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BlueArc recently announced the release of their latest addition to their storage portfolio.  The Mercury Series of storage devices is aimed at taking a bite out of the massive, midrange storage market.  They’ve designed the new platform around their existing data management technology in order to allow customers to overcome the burden of the ever-increasing file-based data.

Many midsize companies face enterprise-sized storage challenges and until now, traditional solutions have created unintended downstream challenges and costs,” said Michael Gustafson, president and CEO, BlueArc. “The Mercury Series brings the power of five generations of proven BlueArc technology to the customer who’s unwilling to compromise on price, scalability or performance. This midrange solution squarely meets the needs of today’s customers who are pressured to manage growth and accomplish more with less cost and with reduced complexity.”

At the core of the platform is BlueArc’s file system and data migration technology, SiliconFS.  This allows customers to configure policy-based storage tiers transparently from the application above.  The SiliconFS manages all data movement within the physical storage medium behind the scenes.

More and more, customers have created tiers of storage within their infrastructures in order to match the value of the content being stored to the right-value storage tier,” said Bridget Warwick, vice president of marketing at BlueArc. “However, what they have found is that it is tremendously difficult, if not impossible, to actually move the data from one tier and system to another. With BlueArc’s built-in intelligent tiering, customers can employ policies to quickly and transparently move data from one tier to another without affecting system performance or requiring administrative time.”

For more info on BlueArc’s entry into the midrange market with Mercury, read the full release here.


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