CAPS announces new version parallel programming workbench

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This over the email transom last week. CAPS Entreprise has announced a new version of its HMPP (Hybrid Multicore Parallel Programming) workbench

Based on C and FORTRAN directives, HMPP Workbench provides developers with powerful data-parallel code generators that efficiently leverage the computing power of stream processors while drastically reducing development time. HMPP Workbench is based on OpenMP-like directive extensions, used to build hardware accelerated variants of functions to be offloaded in hardware accelerators such as NVIDIA Tesla (or any CUDA compatible hardware) and AMD FireStream.

The added-value for HMPP users is in massive development time savings, while still ensuring application portability and interoperability. HMPP enhances the value of software assets by keeping them independent from both hardware platforms and commercial software.

HMPP 2.x allows users to pipeline computations in multi-GPU systems and makes better use of asynchronous hardware features to build even better performing GPU accelerated applications. HMPP 2.x fully supports AMD FireStream hardware with a CAL/IL code generator. The addition of an OpenCL code generator is another major milestone planned for the second half of this year that will give HMPP developers another powerful standard programming option.

More information, including some helpful animations and presentations, at the product homepage.


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