Corus Goes With Univa UD for Private Cloud

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univaudUniva UD has announced that Corus Automotive has chosen them to provide a private cloud environment for high performance computing applications.  The target solutions includes Univa UniCluster 4.1 and Univa UniPortal 5.  The UniCluster HPC stack features the Sun Grid Engine workload manager, Oracle’s Enterprise Linux operating system and the UniCluster suite of cluster and cloud management software. UniPortal provides Corus with a web-based user space delivering engineering and technical computing applications on-demand in a “Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)” environment.

Univa’s solution makes our jobs easier and removes business risk, since all the components we need have already been integrated to work together,” states Mike Twelves, Manager of IT Systems at Corus Automotive. “It’s a cost-effective solution thanks to the open source model, and the fact that we have a one-stop-shop for support is a huge benefit.”

“The quality of the professional services team is probably amongst the best I’ve experienced,” adds Twelves.

For more info on the UnivUD deployment, read the full release here.


  1. Mary Bass says

    To be clear, this is a new product implementation at an existing client site. Not naming a “new” customer win – just talking about a new installation of technology not previously in place.

  2. Mary, thanks for the clarification.