Call for student participation in Cluster 2009

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This came in over the emails last week as well from Daniel Katz at the U of Chicago, with good news for you students out there with a hankering to travel

The 2009 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computer (Cluster 2009, New Orleans, Louisiana, 31 August – 4 September, 2009, has now received and award from NSF support to support student participation in Cluster 2009.

About 40% of the support has now been assigned to students who have applied – additional support is still available.

We are able to support up to 75 students, with the following support:
* The advance student registration fee will be paid by the conference (normally $245)
* Students staying in the conference hotel will have $200 of hotel costs paid by the conference (note that 2 approved students sharing a room will thus save $400 of hotel costs)

The main conference sessions on Tuesday-Thursday (September 1-3) will including keynotes, peer-reviewed papers sessions, panels, and a poster session.  Additionally, a new panel session on careers in Cluster computing is now being organized, with representatives from industry, government, and academia.

All tutorials and workshops (to be held on Monday and Friday) will be included in the same registration fee (which the conference will pay for approved students).

Wondering how to apply?

Approvals student support will generally be made on a first come, first served basis, with some preference for student authors of papers or posters.  Students wishing to be supported under this program should send a single email to, with the subject “Cluster 2009 Student Support”, containing their contact information, information about any authorship of material submitting to the conference, with an attached letter from their advisor/professor explaining how this program will advance the student’s career.