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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Selects Voltaire QDR

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology [KIT] has selected Voltaire 40Gbps Infiniband switch fabric and their Unified Fabric Manager software for an HP supercomputer dedicated to cloud computing research.  With the new machine delpoyment, KIT will serve as one of the centers of excellence for Open Cirrus, an open cloud computing research testbed.

As part of the Open Cirrus™ project, KIT’s new supercomputer will build and optimize cloud applications for use in data centers around the world,” said Professor Rudolf Lohner, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. “We selected Voltaire’s Grid Director™ 4700 40 Gb/s InfiniBand switches because of the high performance and extreme scalability enabled by the switch’s double-density fabric boards. 40 Gb/s bandwidth coupled with Voltaire’s UFM software helps us improve application performance and offer more efficient service delivery in our multi-tenant cloud environment.”

The new machine consists of 334 HP ProLiant DL2x170h G6 and DL4x170h G6 servers based on Intel Nehalem silicon.  The interconnect comes via Voltaire as their Grid Director 4700 switches.  For more info on the new delpoyment, read the full release here.


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