Purdue Builds Big Ten's Biggest Super, Again

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Purdue has announced that has, yet again, build the Big Ten’s biggest supercomputer.  Once again, they did it in one day.  The new machine, named “Coates”, is comprised of 1,280 dual socket, quad core AMD nodes from HP.  Also of note, they’re using 10 gigabit ethernet from Chelsio and Cisco for the communication fabric.

Building supercomputers and other infrastructure needed for science and engineering is business as usual at Purdue,” McCartney says. “We have developed both a business model and an operational method that allows us to build world-class computers to meet the increasing demand from our researchers.”

Purdue University has deployed one of the world’s largest 10 GbE low latency, high performance computing infrastructures for scientific research, and we are honored that this strategic thought leader chose Cisco Nexus data center switches for a research facility of this magnitude,” said Soni Jiandani, vice president of marketing for Cisco’s Server Access and Virtualization Group. “Cisco is pleased to partner with Purdue to efficiently use computing resources and enable researchers to push the boundaries of science.“

The machine was named for Clarence L. “Ben” Coates, former head of Purdue’s School of Electrical Engineering (now Electrical and Computer Engineering) from 1973 to 1983.  Coates retired in 1988, but was one of the initial driving forces behind high performance computing at Purdue.

The folks at Purdue put together a neat little movie to go along with the new install.  You can read the full article and watch the movie here.


  1. Wow, does anyone take English classes at Purdue?

    “Purdue has announced that has, yet again, build the Big Ten’s biggest supercomputer”