QLogic, AMD, ANSYS, Dell and Microsoft Deploy First Public Istanbul Cluster

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QLogic announced this morning that they have teamed up with AMD, ANSYS, Dell and Microsoft to deploy the first publicly accessible cluster based on the new AMD 6-core Istanbul processor.  The new machine, located at the QLogic NETtrack Developer Center in Minnesota, consists of Dell PowerEdge servers, QLogic QDR Infiniband and Microsoft HPC Server 2008.  The first application payload was ANSYS’ FLUENT 12 CFD software.  All parties involved had something to say.


“The AMD Opteron processor’s low-latency, multi-core architecture provides the important elements for today’s high performance applications,” said Margaret Lewis, director of product marketing, AMD. “As we see on the cluster in the QLogic NETtrack Developer Center, even the most demanding applications, such as ANSYS FLUENT 12, demonstrate outstanding scaling and efficiency.”


“ANSYS has a strong working relationship with QLogic, enabling us to utilize the NETtrack Developer Center to demonstrate the benefits of HPC in our latest suite of ANSYS 12.0 technology,” said Barbara Hutchings, director of partnerships, ANSYS, Inc. “HPC increases the value of simulation by enabling higher-fidelity models and faster throughput. Having the ability to test drive the new Six-Core AMD Opteron processor technology will be of great value to our customers who need to plan and optimize their investments in HPC. HPC-enabled simulation results help our customers make the right product development design decisions while increasing the value of their investment in ANSYS engineering simulation technology.”


“The collaboration to create of one of the first publicly available test-bed systems with Dell PowerEdge servers based on Six-Core AMD Opteron processors is a huge step in our ongoing support for research-intensive communities for benchmarking and workload characterization,” said Tim Carroll, business development manager for Dell’s High Performance Solution Group. “This allows us to introduce new technologies for improved performance and scalability to be at the forefront of delivering advanced access to the latest, leading-edge technology for general purpose testing.”


“Microsoft is pleased to participate with AMD, Dell and QLogic in the first publicly available HPC cluster based on the new six-core AMD Opteron processors and QLogic TrueScale InfiniBand switches at the QLogic NETtrack Developer Center,” said Vince Mendillo, director of HPC marketing, Microsoft. “We are excited that our customers and partners can test drive their HPC applications on the latest processor, networking and storage technologies at the QLogic NETtrack Developer Center running Windows HPC Server 2008.”


“With the Six-core AMD Opteron processor now available to customers, QLogic is working in concert with our partners to deliver HPC solutions that scale to meet our customers’ most challenging problems,” said Jesse Parker, vice president and general manager, Network Solutions Group, QLogic. “The evolution of the high performance computing market demands breakthroughs in computing capacity, cluster-interconnect bandwidth and scalability that are being delivered by both AMD and QLogic. QLogic InfiniBand adapters and switches, based on QLogic’s TrueScale architecture, coupled with clusters based on the AMD Opteron processors, offer the performance and scalability to meet the needs of a long list of demanding HPC applications.”

For more info, read the full release here.