Rackspace Releases Cloud APIs Open Source

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Rackspace Hosting has announced that they have officially open sourced the code associated with their Cloud Servers and Cloud Files APIs.  Developers are now permitted to download, implement and modify the code under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license.

We welcome Rackspace’s decision to provide their client-side tools as open source to the community,” stated Rich Wolski, Chief Technology Officer, Eucalyptus Systems Inc. “It builds confidence among developers to know they can ‘see’ how the APIs function at a programmatic level. Moreover, by providing their API tools as open source, Rackspace is assuming a leadership position in helping to achieve cloud interoperability.”

“Rackspace is committed to the development of open cloud solutions and standards. We are working quickly to offer a wide range of tools to help developers work with us to create these important building blocks for the cloud industry,” said Emil Sayegh, General Manager, The Rackspace Cloud. “Rackspace is dedicated to bringing a coordinated effort to cloud development. We are working directly with our ecosystem of developers and the broader industry to share what we create with the open source community. We believe open source APIs are an enabling factor in making interoperable non-proprietary cloud solutions a reality.”

As a part of the release, Rackspace has also made available Cloud Files language bindings for Java, PHP, Python, C# and Ruby unde the MIT license [sadly, no `C` bindings].  For more info on the code drops, read the full release here.