Univa Releases Planning and Analytics Cloud Product

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univaudUnivaUD, today, announced the release of their latest addition to their cloud computing product suite.  UniPlan, as its called, is designed to ensure optimal utilization of expensive commercial applications in cluster or cloud computing environments. UniPlan simulates the project workload for a specific app, then analyses the scenario in order to identify potential bottlenecks or performance gaps.  With this data, users can determine appliation utilization profiles and specific resource allocation schemas that best fit their enterprise environment.

Technical computing applications like those used in electronic design automation (EDA) or industrial manufacturing can be extremely expensive, so it’s critical for users to find ways to optimize their utilization,” explains Gary Tyreman, Univa VP and GM of Infrastructure. “With UniPlan, application users can deeply examine realistic scenarios and methodically determine the right actions to take to ensure their high-cost, high-value applications are always running as efficiently as possible – whether they are running on a single cluster or across a private or public cloud.”

UniPlan is powered on the backend by WorkloadAnalyzer from Runtime Design Automation [RTDA].

By utilizing UniPlan with WorkloadAnalyzer, IT managers and application users can take the guesswork out of HPC infrastructure planning,” says Frank Bailey, Vice President, Sales at RTDA. “Companies who want to stay competitive can’t afford to rely on intuition or homegrown planning spreadsheets. If you’re thinking of adding CPUs or cutting licenses, you need to know exactly which jobs will be affected and by how much – and what the overall impact will be on deadlines and expenses.”

For more info, read the full release here.


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