University of Maine Creating Climate Grid

Print Friendly, PDF & Email has an interesting article featuring Dr. Phillip Dickens of the University of Maine.  He and his team are diligently working towards building a small compute grid within the state of Maine.  More specifically, he and his team are focusing on climate change. They’re building a grid portal aimed at giving researchers and students easier access to the vital data and tools they need to perform and evaluate climate data.

Our team is developing Maine’s first scientific grid portal that will execute climate-change models and provide high-resolution visualizations of output data in real time for use by researchers as well as students and educators in the state’s public school system. [Phillip M. Dickens, Ph.D.]

They’ve already planned to expand the scientific capability of their grid by working on a partnership with the Jackson Laboratory, a leading genetics research center.

Researchers at Jackson Laboratory will be able to upload data to University of Maine systems for processing, and the supercomputers will then compute the models and send back the visual renderings of the lab’s data — a true collaboration in solving large problems and a first for the state of Maine. This technology makes it possible to solve problems that are too large to execute at either facility alone by distributing the task across both the University of Maine system and the Jackson Lab cluster so that they can execute the task concurrently.

Dr. Dickens and the University of Maine have great plans and high aspirations for their newly formed grid project.  To read more about it, check out the full article here.


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