USPTO Rejects Rambus Claims Against NVIDIA

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nvidiaNVIDIA announced this morning that the US Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO] has initially rejected the latest series of eight claims by Rambus against two patents.  The claims were challenged by NVIDIA following 41 other claims by Rambus against seven different patents.  All told, all of the claims asserted by Rambus against NVIDIA have been rejected by the USPTO.  The claims involve the various technologies associated with building the high performance memory controllers related to graphics processors.

We are pleased that the USPTO decided to review the patentability of these two additional Rambus patents and continued to agree with NVIDIA’s challenge to these eight claims,” said David Shannon, NVIDIA executive vice president and general counsel. “The USPTO has now initially rejected all of the patent claims asserted by Rambus against NVIDIA in the ITC.”

Patent litigation can be a very costly game to play.  For more info, read NVIDIA”s full release here.


  1. I don’t really understand why everyone wants to sue everyone else so much these days? It can only be one thing… Greed.

  2. I don’t know about you guys but it seems that most patent filings are made NOT for discovering new technologies but for Business strategy. Defensive patenting. That’s sad for technology in general.