New 4TF GPU box from Supermicro

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Supermicro has announced a new workstation this week for those of you who prefer your teraflops in a desktop chassis. The new 7046GT-TRF SuperWorkstations include dual Nehalem (Xeon 5500) processors and 4 Tesla cards

7046GT-TRFThese powerful SuperWorkstations are the first to support four NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPUs as well as three additional PCI-e add-on cards for high-bandwidth I/O. These new systems also feature redundant Gold Level (93%+ efficiency) 1400-watt power supplies and quiet operation making them ideal for both enterprise and office supercomputing applications.

…”Extending our leadership in GPU computing system architectures, the new 7046GT-TRF features multiple x16 non-blocking native Gen2 PCI-Express connectivity, Supermicro’s first system to support four double-width GPUs,” said Charles Liang, CEO and President of Supermicro. “Equipped with Supermicro’s patented thermal design, and industry-leading power efficiency, these highly parallel, multi-GPU systems are optimized for a wide range of graphics and computationally intensive applications in fields like medical imaging, oil and gas exploration, quantum chemistry, financial simulation, genomics and astrophysics.”

The chassis can be rackmounted if you aren’t married to the idea of an actual desk in your desktop supercomputing. More in the release.