A new milestone, and a thank you from us

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Hi insideHPC’ers — we just can’t say how often enough we appreciate you guys trusting us as part of your flow of HPC news goodness. It would probably make for a pretty dull experience for you if we spent as much time thanking you as we spend being thankful for the investment you make in us, so we’ve tried to keep a lid on our enthusiasm.

But this month that lid just popped right off in the wake of some great news. Since our founding on December 26, 2006 we’ve grown a lot, and with your helpful comments and insights from the reader survey we’ve expanded the amount and range of news we cover here at insideHPC. And you guys and gals have overwhelmingly said you appreciate the work we’ve been doing — in July we served up over 671,000 insideHPC pages of news, original features, and audio content to our readers. This is record volume for us: Thank you!

That’s a really big number, and we’re tickled pink. But the number doesn’t matter as much as what’s behind it: your trust and confidence in our ability to do our jobs. And for that, we thank you even more and we promise to continue keeping your needs front and center in everything we do.

What next? You just keep doing what you’ve been doing: reading, linking, and (most importantly) commenting on what you like and don’t like about what we’re doing. We’ll keep hustling to make things around here better every day. And if you happen to know an unfortunate member of the HPC community that doesn’t read insideHPC, do them and favor and send them a link to us so they can get their daily dose of HPC news, with attitude.


  1. Congratulations guys. I look forward to keeping more informed through insideHPC as we get closer and closer to SC09.

  2. Thanks, Chris! We are really excited about the response the website is getting from the HPC community. And bonus: it’s actually fun to do.

  3. That’s an amazing number. insideHPC rocks. This is the only site I look at for news and features – it’s crisp, clean, to the point – oh, and I love the little bit of attitude. You guys make my job (of keeping up on what’s going on) much easier. Thank YOU! And congratulations.

  4. echo $PREVIOUS_COMMENTS ; # 😉

    Thanks for this service John et. al, it gives me a great way to keep up with what’s going on, kind of like an HPC version of LWN!

  5. Chris (Samuel this time) – thanks for the kind words. It’s feedback from you guys that keeps me going.