ANSYS Launches Immersed Boundary Module

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ansysANSYS has announced the availability of the Immersed Boundary module for ANSYS FLUENT 12.0.  The new module was jointly developed with Cascade Technologies, Inc.  The first release, which is fully parallelized, supports the physical models and boundary conditions needed for modeling low-speed external aerodynamics and automotive front-end airflows.

This is an ideal tool for reducing lead time during the early stages of the product development cycle, when it is crucial that design evaluations are made rapidly. The Immersed Boundary module helps engineers identify the most promising designs, then use traditional methods for the final high-fidelity analysis,” said Dipankar Choudhury, vice president of corporate product strategy and planning at ANSYS, Inc. “Because of our software’s open and flexible architecture, ANSYS can readily partner with others in the engineering simulation ecosystem to deliver immediate customer benefits — in this case, we partnered with Cascade Technologies, which has many years of fluid dynamics experience, to bring about a more efficient design process.

For more info on the new module, read the full release here.