Cluster Resources Rebrands and Expands Market Focus

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Cluster Resources has been a familiar face around high performance computing for some time.  Their batch, meta-scheduling and cluster building tools have been quite successful.  However, the company has announced an expansion of focus.  The expansion comes via its Moab creeping into the enterprise datacenter environments.  Alongside this, the company is changing its name to Adaptive Computing while creating a second division directed at the datacenter market.

The foundation for datacenters for the enterprise is starting to look a lot like the architecture of supercomputing facilities. That’s creating an opportunity for ourselves,” Peter ffoulkes, vice president of marketing for Adaptive Computing told “The capabilities you need to automate a datacenter is exactly what we’ve been doing alongside IBM and HP for years.

Effective today, Cluster Resources becomes the traditional HPC wing and Adaptive Computing will serve the traditional datacenter market.  They’re also announcing the Moab Adaptive Computing Suite platform, which serves as the first push into the new market space.  Kudos to Adaptive Computing for continuing to expand during rough economic times.

For more info, read the full release here.


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