Darkstrand Names New Brass to Board of Advisors

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Darkstrand, today, announced that they have named an additional member to their Board of Advisors. David Wilhelm has been named to the post. Sound familiar? Wilhelm is well known around the US political and business landscape. He’s best known for managing successful campaigns for former President Bill Clinton, Senator Paul Simon, Senator Joe Biden and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. He was also chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Through Darkstrand, with Wilhelm’s guidance, America’s civil and commercial innovation can be aggressively accelerated. We are enabling massive production data to seamlessly travel between geographic locations on Darkstrand’s network, allowing innovations to quickly transform from prototype to new product, and move into the marketplace,” said Michael Stein, CEO of Darkstrand. “Wilhelm’s advisory role will enable us to fast track this important work for our country.”

Wilhelm will assist Darkstrand to further their mission of melding the commercial and academic research infrastructures within the US. His track record as the founder and president of Woodland Venture Management, combined with his beltway expertise will be invaluable in his new position.

Our country’s ability to innovate demands the kind network infrastructure connected to high performance computing that Darkstrand provides. My role will help the company advance Darkstrand’s efforts to positively impact their national position in social and commercial innovation,” said Wilhelm. “Darkstrand takes the connectivity and innovation resources of leading research institutions and provides them to American businesses. I look forward to working with Darkstrand on this important work.”

Keep an eye out for further developments from Darkstrand.  Given their recent track record in attracting the academic and research heavyweights, Wilhelm provides the final piece of the pie required to push their mission on a super scale.


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