Episode 3 of the green HPC podcast series: what's in it for me?

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Green HPC Podcast logoDespite the rhetoric, saving the environment doesn’t seem to be what motivates HPC people to go green. So what are the reasons that people have for caring about green in HPC, and in particular what do large datacenters get out of going green? Change is hard, so why are datacenter owners and managers making the change?

One of the stories that encapsulates many of these forces driving us toward green computing today comes from IBM. We talked to IBM’s Dave Turek about what the company was thinking 10 years ago when they started thinking about Blue Gene, and what lessons the success of that machine in doing lots of computations in an energy efficient way have for us today. We also revisit our conversation with Pete Beckman from Argonne’s National Leadership Computing Facility, Steve Scott at Cray, and Sumit Gupta from NVIDIA, about what their customers are looking to get out of taking green steps in HPC.

Listen to Episode 3 and meet the guests or visit the Green HPC Podcast Series home page to learn more about the entire series.


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