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Fujitsu Aims for 10PF Super

fujitsuFujitsu is going for the gold in 2011.  Early in 2011, they want to deliver a 10-petaflop supercomputer.  Namely, they want to deliver the machine to Japan’s Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, or RIKEN.  Fujitsu’s head of processor development, Takumi Maruyama, outlined some of the plans during his talk at the Hot Chips conference this week.  The new machine will be based on the upcoming Sparc64 VIIIfx processor.  Sounds menacing doesn’t it?  Its essentially an eight core upgrade to the Sparc64 VII chip Fujitsu released two years ago.

Each of the eight Sparc64 VIIIfx cores will run at 2Ghz and have access to 5MB of L2 cache.  The processor with theoretically be capable of 128 Gflops while only drawing 58 watts of juice.  The instruction set will be based on the current Sparc9 used it today’s Sparc chips, but will include additional instructions specifically geared towards HPC.  These extensions are called HPC-ACE.

Fujitsu is already making big plans for delivering the 10PF super, but hasn’t released details on when the new processors will be available in their [and Sun’s] UNIX servers for enterprise customers.  For more info, read the full article here.


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