Green electronics registry available worldwide, but still no HPC (yet)

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From an article at c|net:

The Green Electronics Council said Monday it is making its EPEAT rating system, now mandated in U.S. government agencies, available for computer gear sold in other countries.

Products certified by EPEAT–which stands for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool–are listed in a registry. Products are judged on 23 attributes that make up an environmental performance rating. There are 28 optional attributes as well.

In the US federal agencies are required to ensure that 95% of their computing equipment is EPEAT-certified. The rating only covers things like desktops, monitors, and workstations today, but ratings for servers are one the way. This puts EPEAT on the same path as the Energy Star folks who having already introduced specs for small systems but are still working on the serves specs.

So, potential HPC watch item. But if you run a supercomputer in the US you are probably also running regular office gear for the staff, so I figured this news would be relevant to you.


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