HPC Systems Launches BoxClusterDSN

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HPCWire: Japan’s HPC Systems Inc is launching a new series of BoxCluster, the BoxClusterDSN.  The machine provides an interesting option for a deskside supercomputing environment with the latest Intel 5500 “Nehalem” series of processors.  All told, the system will include support for up to 32 cores and 384GB of memory.  A few notes from the release:

  • Turn key solution gives ready to use the system with required software loaded, so no specialized IT engineering required to setup and operate this system
  • The system is extremely quiet even when running 100%. Nothing like a standard rackmount cluster system, this can put next to your desk and work beside the system
  • Eco solution giving the entire desk side cluster solution can run under 15A, so it can be plugged in straight to the wall socket. No need for a specialized power requirement
  • Scalable with 10GbE, Quadrics, InfiniBand solution integrated to the BoxClusterDSN for the high interconnect requirement

For more info, read the full release here.