IEEE Hot Chips 21 Preview

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Timothy Prickett over at TheRegister has a great preview of next week’s IEEE Hot Chips 21 conference.  Hot Chips is IEEE’s symposium on high performance chips and chip technology.  This year, its being hosted at the Stanford University Memorial Auditorium.  Prickett highlights several folks of interest:

.: Intel

Intel follows right after that with a presentation on the forthcoming eight-core Nehalem EX Xeon 7500 chips, which are due to start shipping at the end of this year and which will appear in systems early next year if history is any guide.

It’s noteworthy that Intel has not seen fit to divulge more details on its much-delayed quad-core Tukwila Itanium server processors at Hot Chips 21 – back in February, the Tukwilas were pushed out until early 2010 by Intel. Maybe we’ll see something on the Poulson kickers to the Tukwilas two years from now at Hot Chips 23

.: Sun/Fujitsu

Day two of the Hot Chips conference will see Takumi Maruyama of Fujitsu going over the feeds and speeds of the eight-core Venus Sparc64 VIIIfx processor, which El Reg told you about back in May. This Sparc chip is now at the heart of a $1.2bn, 10 petaflops supercomputer being sponsored by the Japanese government, and called Project Keisoku

.: IBM

The company will be giving two presentations on IBM’s Power7 processors (code name unknown at this time). One presentation is on the “next generation Power microprocessor” while the other is on the “next generation balanced Power server chip.”

.: Convey

Finally, niche supercomputer maker Convey Computer, which launched its debut product, the HC-1, last November at the SC08 trade show, will talk about how cool its Xeon-FPGA clusters can crack big HPC jobs. Convey has an FPGA math co-processor that drops into a plain old Xeon socket and links to the cache and main memories just like a regular Xeon chip does.

For more info, read Prickett’s full writeup here.


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