Intel now has Cilk inside

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The engineers responsible for the goodness in Cilk++ are packing up and moving in at Intel. From a blog post at Intel

Intel logoCilk technology will complement other methods we have had great success with – including OpenMP and Intel Threading Building Blocks. We see great opportunities for Cilk to integrate with our parallel tools very well including Intel Parallel Studio.

Cilk technology offers parallel extensions that are tightly tied into a compiler. This has pluses and minuses when compared with compiler independent methods likes Intel Threading Building Blocks which is also inspired by the original Cilk research at MIT. Having both is better than either alone, and both will have strong followings. OpenMP and our Ct technology offer even more opportunities.

And from Cilk’s website

Cilk++ has moved to Intel Corporation! This will allow us to go even further in helping make parallel programming easier. We are very excited about the synergies between Intel’s leading tools for parallel programming and the technology of Cilk++. We will have more details later this year about products from Intel that will include Cilk technology. We encourage everyone to visit us at the Intel Developer Forum in September 2009.


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