Intel Cluster Ready ranks grow as Eurotech joins list

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Eurotech, a relatively new entrant to HPC based in Italy, announced that its Aurora cluster has been certified Intel Cluster Ready. You may remember that Aurora launched at ISC’09 earlier this summer. From this week’s release

Eurotech announces that it received the Intel Cluster Ready Certification for Aurora, the group’s High Performance Computing architecture based on the Intel Xeon 5500 series processor. Thanks to its scalability, the Aurora architecture allows the creation of machines with a computation power ranging from TeraFlops (thousand of billions of operations per second) up to PetaFlops (millions of billions of operations per second).

There are many different advantages to the ICR designation that might matter to potential customers. In my own opinion one of the most significant is that ISVs can target their software at the ICR stack as a way of offering support for users of clusters without having to go down the path of managing builds for each customer’s specific combination of OS/CPU/MPI/etc.


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