New NSF team to develop customizable computing for health care

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News from a press release that Rice is part of a new $10M NSF effort to create a new research center along with Ohio State and UCSB

The grant will support the creation of a collaborative Center for Domain-Specific Computing (CDSC), which includes researchers from UCLA’s engineering school, medical school and applied mathematics program, Rice, Ohio State University and UC Santa Barbara. The multi-university center will be directed by Professor Jason Cong from UCLA. Rice’s Vivek Sarkar, the E.D. Butcher Professor of Computer Science and professor of electrical and computer engineering, will serve as associate director.

…Domain-specific computing differs from general-purpose computing by utilizing custom-constructed computer languages tailored to a particular area or domain — in this case, medical imaging. This customization ultimately results in less computing effort, faster results, lower costs and increased productivity.

More in the release.