NewServers adds WAN acceleration to smooth transition from internal to outsourced cycles

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“Bare metal” cloud provider has added a piece of technology to their solution that will help users do an impedance match (or smooth the transition if you aren’t a EE) between applications that are written to run on low-latency interconnects and the WAN they’ll have to traverse when using compute cycles hosted offsite

“Many enterprise customers want to keep applications in their own datacenters while enabling the use of cloud servers for temporary and peak loads. Some applications require major changes to compensate for the differences in network performance and security requirements going from a LAN to a WAN. WAN accelerators overcome many limitations in TCP and allow some applications to scale with cloud servers without modification,” said JP Gagne, CEO, NewServers.

Silver Peak’s unique network approach to WAN acceleration delivers unprecedented scalability, including the highest effective throughput of any WAN acceleration device. This makes Silver Peak ideal for NewServers’ large enterprise clients that utilize networks and applications with high sustained data volumes.