P&G partners with NCSA for everything from Charmin to moisturizers

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Found at HPCwire, news that consumer goods giant Proctor and Gamble is getting access to the supercomputers at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) through that organization’s Private Sector Program. The computers will be used in the design of P&G’s consumer products

Pringles logo“When consumers get products home, the products need to perform as expected. I need Charmin to be soft but strong. Diapers that breathe yet contain. Moisturizing lotions that stay put when applied but are easy to squeeze,” says Tom Lange, P&G’s director of corporate research and development modeling and simulation. “Modeling and simulation let us replace slow and expensive learning cycles with faster and cheaper virtual realism.”

P&G is no stranger to HPC — for years the canonical business case for HPC has been the P&G case study where HPC was used to keep Pringles from flying off assembly lines.