Platform teams with NVIDIA for GPU management goodness

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Yesterday Platform announced a new agreement between itself and NVIDIA that will result in Platforms cluster provisioning and management tools being GPU aware. From the release

Platform logoPlatform Computing, the leader in cluster, grid and cloud computing software, announced that it is providing new GPU kits for its Platform Cluster Manager and Platform HPC Workgroup products to support NVIDIA’s CUDA-enabled GPUs, including NVIDIA’s market leading Tesla GPUs for high performance computing.

…Platform’s Cluster Manager and HPC Workgroup Manager simplify building, managing and scheduling GPU based clusters. Deployed with a single-click install, Platform Computing’s GPU kits allow users to quickly provision the clusters they need using NVIDIA’s solutions.

It’s actually not at all clear from the press release what this is really about. The Register did a story on this announcement that is a little more revealing

The move will allow Platform Computing’s Load Sharing Facility (LSF), the backbone of its open and closed source products, to dispatch applications to nVidia’s Tesla GPU co-processors much as it dispatches work to regular CPUs inside HPC clusters….

The LSF tool provisions and monitors workloads running on clusters, and can do so down to the CPU core level on server nodes and down to the GPU level on the co-processors. This is thanks to the integration of the CUDA development kit with the Platform cluster manager products.