Students develop cluster programming skills through Great Lakes Consortium Virtual School

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This week the Ohio Supercomputer Center announced that it will be hosting 40 students from the region during a special summer school event designed to teach HPC and parallel programming skills to the next generation of users

Graduate students – from various disciplines and institutions across the country – are improving their multi-core programming skills this week during a summer school course offered by the Great Lakes Consortium’s Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering.

…Instructors Wen-mei Hwu, from the University of Illinois, and David B. Kirk, from the graphics-processor company NVIDIA, are teaching the course. The lessons provide students with hands-on experience in developing applications software for multi-core processors, such as general-purpose graphics processing units (GP-GPUs). Participating students have access to NCSA’s 32-node cluster of GP-GPUs and are learning to use the software CUDA to write programs for the cluster.

This course is part of a constellation of efforts that the Great Lakes Consortium for Petascale Computation is coordinating. You’ll recall that these are the folks working on Blue Waters, the petaflops machine expected in 2011.


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