XtreemOS Summer School

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XtreemOS has announced they are having a training event September 7-11 at Wadham College, University  of Oxford, in the UK. (Wadham College is located directly opposite the Bodleian Library, a place I’d very much love to be left alone for 5 or 6 years).

According to their website, XtreemOS a “Linux-based operating system to support virtual organizations for next generation grids.” From the event announcement

The XtreemOS Summer School will include lectures on modern distributed paradigms such as Grid computing, Cloud computing, and network-centric operating systems. The Summer School will combine lectures from research leaders shaping the future of distributed systems and world leaders in deploying and exploiting distributed infrastructures. Hands-on laboratory exercises and practical sessions using XtreemOS will give participants experience on using modern distributed systems.

The aims of the XtreemOS Summer School are:
* To introduce participants to emergent computing paradigms such as Grid computing and Cloud computing
* To provide lectures and practical courses on novel techniques to achieve scalability, highly availability and security in distributed systems
* To present Grid applications in the domains of E-science and business.
* To provide a forum for participants to discuss your research work and share experience with experience researchers.

There will be a full technical program, with invited speakers from notable organizations like Microsoft Research, Argonne, IBM, and others. For more information, visit http://www.xtreemos.eu/xtreemos-events/xtreemos-summer-school-2009.