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Archives for September 2009

EM Photonics Annoucnces GA Release of CULA Math Lib

EM Photonics, today, announced the general availability of its CULA accelerated computing math library.  This release includes NVIDIA GPU-accelerated versions of many commonly used LAPACK linear algebra routines.  I had a chance to sit down with EM Photonics CEO Eric Kelmelis here at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference. Applications ranging from video games, to medical […]

First Public Photos of NVIDIA Fermi

insideHPC was lucky enough to get a few shots of the new Fermi silicon as it will be eventually packaged for workstation [internal card] consumption.  

ORNL Bites GPU Bug

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has officially bitten the GPU bug.  Following John’s overview of the new Fermi chip, we find Dr. Jeff Nichols, computational director at ORNL, standing foot to foot with NVIDIA’s CEO. This is BIG news.  ORNL is interested in very large, leadership class supercomputing platforms directed towards ingesting the workloads of a […]

NVIDIA's next generation GPU architecture has a lot for HPC to love

And it all gets sealed with an engagement to ORNL

Today NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang delivered the keynote address at the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, and gave a big fat kiss to folks looking to get extra performance for their computations out of NVIDIA’s GPUs. Huang announced Fermi, NVIDIA’s third generation GPU architecture, which NVIDIA is pitching as “the soul of a supercomputer in a GPU.”

With 512 cores per card, added L1 and L2 cache, support for up to 1 TB of GDDR5 memory, concurrent kernel execution and 10x faster context switching, NVIDIA’s new Fermi architecture is designed to substantially broaden the set of applications where GPUs offer real performance benefits. And with new language support, more robust task scheduling, and added development tools your software team is going to be grinning, too.

We talked with NVIDIA’s Sumit Gupta ahead of the announcement, and offer you this in-depth look into the next generation of GPU computing.

Huang Broadcasting LIVE in HD Stereo

Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, is delivering his keynote live via HD Stereo.  I’m live here at the conference with my 3D goggles and I’d like to say that it looks amazing! Kudos to Elemental for helping to make this happen!


The NVIDIA GPU Tech Conference has officially kicked off.  The first keynote speaker, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, will begin in t-minus one hour.  insideHPC will be providing live coverage! In the mean time, I wanted to give our readers a little taste of the typical NVIDIA pizzaz when it comes to conference trends.  What better […]

NVIDIA's next gen architecture

Later today NVIDIA will make a big announcement about their next gen GPU technology platform. The news is embargoed until later today (meaning that members of the press have agreed not to publish the story until a specific time), after which we’ll be running a feature story. This GPU has a lot of features that […]

Pictures of technological imbalance via the Top500

After my post this morning about South Africa’s 30TF supercomputer coming online I got to wondering just how unevenly distributed the flops of the world are, so I made a couple pictures using IBM’s ManyEyes site. These are quick-and-dirty, but suffice to give you a picture of where the world’s flops are housed. Click on […]

NVIDIA webcasting from the GPU Technology Conference

Now, this is an idea I can get behind (c’mon SC09 folks, let’s webcast some of those sessions!). The cool kids over at NVIDIA are wicked busy with announcements ahead of their conference, starting today in San Jose, CA. The conference is pretty much sold out, although insideHPC’s own John Leidel will be there reporting […]

Live Twitter coverage of NVIDIA's GTC

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference starts today in San Jose, and our man on the floor will be reporting live over the next three days. If you’re there, he’ll be easy to spot in his stylish polo shirt. Flag him down, say “hi,” and tell him what you’re liking or loathing at the conference this […]