Acumem announces deal in growing Chinese market

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Acumem announced this week a deal that brings them into the growing Chinese HPC market. The Shanghai Astronomical Observatory at the Chinese Academy of Sciences is buying Acumem ThreadSpotter to help with development of OpenMP and MPI applications on HPC hardware at the Observatory

Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was established in 1962 following the amalgamation of the former Xu Jiahui and Sheshan observatories. Numerical simulation has been one of the most important tools of astronomical research in SHAO. Presently, SHAO has a number of high performance computational facilities, including a SGI Altix 4700, Altix 350, IBM Linux Cluster. Altix 4700 and IBM Cluster have 64 and 112CPUs, respectively. SHAO also runs more than 40 servers, 200 PCs, all are linked through network.

Other than the Dawning system system that grabbed headlines earlier this year, there isn’t a lot of visibility into the Chinese HPC market. So we reached out to our IDC pal Earl Joseph for a little perspective

“The use of HPC in China has been growing faster than most markets at 12% a year, before the worldwide economic slowdown. Industrial buyers in China are very practical buyers and purchase HPC systems to address immediate scientific and engineering requirements. China HPC users have an advantage in that they aren’t locked into legacy software.” According to Earl Joseph, IDC Program Vice President.

It’s interesting that we’re hearing more from Russia and China on the HPC front these days, both companies that are obliged to develop a good portion of their own hardware because of US export restrictions on high end computing technology.


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