AMD low power Opterons available

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This week AMD announced the availability of the low power bin for its flagship bin, the Opteron EE processor. This little guy is aimed at “cloud and dense computing” environments and weighs in at 40W. This follows the announcement of the SE and HE models in July, and rounds out planned variants of the six-core Opteron.

As a reminder, here is a paragraph from my feature on the SE/HE launch that lays out where all the bins fit

AMD logoLarge HPC clusters are often built out of the standard bin Opterons (an average rated power of 75w per socket) when AMD is used, rather than the SE as you might expect at first glance. This is because standard bin parts tend to offer both better price performance and the lower power consumption you need in anything other than moderate cluster deployments. Fruehe explains that the SE part (at 105W per socket) tends to do well in high performance scientific workstations, where aggregate power draw won’t be an issue. He does say that the lower power HE part (at 55W per socket) is seeing increased adoption in HPC, but that right now it tends to be built into systems that are more scale-out in nature (web or cloud infrastructure).

The EE bin is characterized by AMD as “ultra low power” and was just recently reintroduced to the lineup for people that need low power so much that they are willing to pay extra for it.


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