AMD's new server chipset lets the Opteron go native

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This week AMD announced that its planned chipset, codenamed Fiorano if you’re into that sort of thing, is now shipping to Original Device Manufacturers (folks like Tyan and Supermicro)

AMD logoToday the company announced three different northbridge chipsets, the SR5650, SR5670, and the SR5690, which are to be paired with the SP5100 southbridge. All three northbridge versions are aimed at Socket F and support HypterTransport 3, and PCI Express 2.0 (up to 42 lanes according to one report but we are still waiting for confirmation from AMD), among other features.

These chipset variants support the current Opteron generation in Socket F, but will also support next year’s Magny-Cours DDR3-based AMD chips which use Socket G34 and will come in 8 and 12 core variants.

The three versions of the chipset are aimed at different markets. The 5650 is aimed at the low power crowd and AMD’s HE/EE variants. The 5670 is the chip that “balances power and performance,” and will probably be pretty happy in HPC configurations. The last one, the 5690, is for those who need high performance users and features, for example, the most PCI Express v 2.0 lanes. Tyan and Supermicro both have products announced around the chipsets but major OEMs, like HP and IBM, are said to be waiting for the 2010 processors before they sign on.

More in this story (written by yours truly) at HPCwire.


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