ANSYS Institute for Industrial Innovation opens doors

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ANSYS has announced a partnership with the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (UWM) College of Engineering and Applied Science

The ANSYS Institute for Industrial Innovation (AI3) will serve as a portal for businesses seeking to partner with the College of Engineering and Applied Science on specific engineering projects. Just as important, AI3 will provide students with state-of-the-art engineering simulation software tools, enabling hands-on experience along with the opportunity to develop innovative design solutions for industry-sponsored projects. UWM chose ANSYS exclusively based on a number of factors: the Company’s industry-leading expertise in the field of engineering simulation technology and its comprehensive multiphysics portfolio that can be scaled to meet users’ needs. In addition, ANSYS is the preferred simulation software provider to many corporations supplying engineering projects for the program.

Aside from the general goodness that results from efforts like this, ANSYS stands to gain a native training ground for its apps of course (and that makes this like similar efforts sponsored by NVIDIA and others).

“ANSYS support at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will enable students to get first-hand experience working with the comprehensive product portfolio from ANSYS — the most complete engineering simulation technology available in the world. This not only benefits students and researchers by providing them with an excellent toolset, but also promotes the expansion of ANSYS technology usage once students enter the workforce,” said Paul Lethbridge, academic product strategy and planning manager at ANSYS, Inc. “From an industry perspective, the ANSYS Institute for Industrial Innovation has the opportunity to leverage Simulation Driven Product Development(TM) in directing the design of real-world, innovative solutions.”

In addition to training the next generation of computational science professionals, the AI3 has a mission to grow UWM’s links with business and industry and spur economic growth and development in southeastern Wisconsin.