Autodesk Qualifies BOXX Workstations for 2010 Products

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boxxBOXX, today, announced that their 3DBOXX 4850 and 3DBOXX 8500 series workstations have been qualified by software house Autodesk for their 2010 versions of media and entertainment apps.  This includes Autodek 3dsMax, Maya, Softimage, MotionBuilder and MudBox.

Autodesk qualification is further evidence of the BOXX commitment to digital artists,” said Rob Hoffmann, senior product marketing manager, Autodesk Media & Entertainment. “BOXX goes beyond workstation development by not only providing Autodesk software, but by offering expertise, technical support, and a genuine understanding of our products and digital entertainment workflows.

For more info, read the full release here.


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  1. Good to see Boxx getting the respect they deserve when it comes to hardware qualification lists. I remember when using Maya many moons ago, the Alias qualified hardware lists only included the likes of SGI (for obvious reasons), Dell and HP. With the amount of effort that Boxx puts into supporting the CG community, it is good to see them recognized with the big boys of computers.