HPC for Dummies book

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I happened to catch the news on Joe Landman’s blog that Doug Eadline has a new book out, HPC for Dummies. The book is a branded as part of the …for Dummies series but is sponsored by Sun and AMD (think of it as an advertorial); it can be yours in exchange for a registration at Sun’s website

HPC enables us to first model then manipulate products, services, and techniques. These days, HPC has moved from a selective and expensive endeavor to a cost-effective enabling technology within reach of virtually every budget. This book will help you to get a handle on exactly what HPC does and can be.

This special edition eBook from Sun and AMD shares details on real-world uses of HPC, explains the different types of HPC, guides you on how to choose between different suppliers, and provides benchmarks and guidelines you can use to get your system up and running.

This is really great news. I’ve been reading Doug’s stuff for years, and many of us have been kicking around the idea of an HPC 101 kind of book. Doug is just the right kind of guy to write a book like this. I’ve already downloaded and added to my reading list, and at 50 or so pages, I should be able to actually finish it (unlike the 17 other books on my nightstand). Note: downloading the book will require you also download and install Adobe Digital Editions.


  1. Seems ironic that I can’t read an ebook on HPC for Dummies on a Linux system…

  2. I was also very disappointed that they didn’t allow me to download their book on Linux. Oh well, I don’t ever plan to buy an AMD system from Sun anyway.