IBTA Announces 16th Compliance and Interop Plugfest

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The Infiniband Trade Association [IBTA] has announced the 16th Compliance and Interoperability Plugfest.  The Plugfest will be held October 12-16 in the University of New Hampshire’s Interoperability Lab.  The event provides a venue for Infiniband device and cable vendors to test their gear in compliance with Infiniband architecture specs as well as test the general interoperability with other IB products.

This event will include testing of both double data rate (DDR) 20Gb/s devices and quad data rate (QDR) 40Gb/s devices. There is a new test procedure for the recently released 120Gb/s 12x Small Form-Factor Pluggable (CXP) Interface Specification for cables, along with a new memory map test procedure for the EEPROMs included with QSFP and CXP active cables. The updated Wave Dispersion Penalty (WDP) testing will also be included.

Following the IBTA Plugfest, the OpenFabrics Allaince will be conducting their 8th Interoperability event from October 15-23.  This session will focus on interoperability using the OpenFabrics Alliance Software Stack [OFED].

For more info on the IBTA Plugfest, check out their website here.  For more info on the OpenFabrics Interop event, check out the details here.