Masterworks at SC09

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I really enjoy the Masterworks sessions at SC09. They don’t have the glitz and glamour of the keynotes, but they still have the rock stars, which means you are more likely to get to hear what someone is actually doing rather than what they are selling (or what they want to do), and that something being done is likely to be pretty cool.

The Masterworks program [PDF] has been announced for SC09

From Internet searches to social networking, sustainability to bio-computing, the Masterworks program at the SC09 conference will address some of the biggest, greenest and fast-growing challenges in the field of high performance computing. SC09, the 22nd meeting of the premier international conference on high performance computing, networking, storage and analytics, will be held November 14-20, 2009 in Portland.

…One of the highlights of this year’s Masterworks is a Thursday, November 19 session featuring speakers from Google and Facebook, who will focus on some of the world’s largest, most complicated and most relentlessly demanding computer architectures. While these systems won’t be found on the TOP500 list of the world’s top supercomputers, they are redefining the typical notion of a data center as they provide web services to hundreds of millions of users. The two talks will cover the challenge of producing immediate turnaround with no downtime at this extraordinary scale in a cost-effective manner.

Google and Facebook at an HPC conference. Like I said before, cool! I’m also really interested in this session

A Masterworks session on Wednesday afternoon, “How much does your doctor rely on supercomputing for your treatment?” will cover HPC in Modern Medicine, examining transformative efforts in adopting Grid technology to healthcare as well as applying HPC-level simulation to surgical decisions.

If it’s half as interesting as the title, I’ll be briefing my mom on what Silverstein and Taylor talk about. More details on the Masterworks page at the conference site.