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Mellanox Releases 40 Gigabit Converged Network Adapter

MellanoxMellanox has announced the release of the latest ConnectX-based card.  The ConnectX-2 EN 40G converged network adapter card will be the world’s first to reach 40Gbps.  The new adapter was designed to allow users and applications to get the most out of the growing density of multi-core processors.

Mellanox is committed to delivering high bandwidth, low-latency solutions to drive efficiency and productivity while lowering costs for data centers and cloud computing,” said Eyal Waldman, chairman, president and CEO of Mellanox Technologies. “ConnectX-2 EN 40G delivers the industry’s highest Ethernet bandwidth to unleash the performance potential of the latest multi-core CPUs, and provides the best return on investment for compute and storage infrastructure to end-users in terms of capital and operational expenses.”

The new card will support hardware-based I/O virtualization including Single Root I/O Virtualization [SR-IOV].  It also simplifies FCoE [fibre channel over ethernet] with T11 Fibre Channel frame encapsulation support and hardware offloads.  The card connects to one’s network via one QSFP connector, suitable for use with copper or fibre optic cables. 


  1. Beyond the fact that the 40 Gb/s Ethernet spec is not finished yet (scheduled for June 2010), how do you run 40 Gb/s through a PCIe Gen2 x8 slot ? That’s 32 Gb/s theoretical bandwidth, 26 Gb/s effective with 64 Bytes completions. So, it can’t do 40 Gb/s but it’s not like marketing cares about details like that…

  2. John Leidel says:

    Patrick, you are indeed correct. In a previous life, I did quite a bit of testing with 10GbE when it was in a similar state. Even after garnering a machine with a bus capable of supporting the full bandwidth, we could only see ~96% of the performance [which at the time was wicked cool]. I think Mellanox has actually done the right thing by releasing early. Allow the community [especially OFED] to digest the new cards and work out any driver issues. Once the standards come up to speed, they’ll be out of the gate running hard.


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