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New DDN storage puts 1.2PB in your rack

This week DataDirect Networks announced an advancement in their drive enclosure that lets their product line host up to 1.2PB of storage in a rack and up to 6 GB/s bandwidth (more if you cluster them, obviously).

DataDirect Networks (DDN), Inc. the data infrastructure provider for the most extreme, content-intensive environments in the world, today announced that it has now doubled the capacity, density and power-efficiency of storage management for customers of its award-winning S2A storage systems. Introducing support for high-capacity two terabyte enterprise and low-power SATA hard-drives, DDN has again achieved the highest levels of space and power efficiency–while also making it cost-effective and reliable for customers to deploy large, consolidated pools of SATA storage sized up to 2.4 petabytes of disk capacity per storage system.

The flagship SA9900 offers FC-4, FC-8, GigE, 10GigE and/or Infiniband DDR and lets users manage 2.4 PB in two racks as a single system (that’s 1200 drives).

This announcement makes DDN the densest solution available right now at roughly 30 TB/U and trays that host 60 drives. Scalable Informatics’ JR5 96TB unit was the previous leader at 19.2TB/U, so this is quite a jump. The increase comes with some performance hit, though, as the lower end of the usable performance of the JR5 is 200MB/s/U, or about 8 GB/s for a full rack (compared to DDN’s 6 GB/s).


  1. Hi John –

    Thanks for the post.
    Remember, we also have a 3-tray configuration for the 9900, which allows you to deliver the performance of the S2A9900 in only 16U. Outfitting two of them in a rack, you can deploy over 10GB/s in only 32U.

    Alternatively, customers can configure several of our modular S2A6620 systems (can achieve up to 1.5GB/s in 4U) to achieve even greater performance densities – over 15GB/s across multiple systems in a single data center rack.

    We’ll continue to push the envelope on both performance, density and capacity… so stay tuned.


    Jeff Denworth
    VP, Marketing

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