New DDN storage puts 1.2PB in your rack

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This week DataDirect Networks announced an advancement in their drive enclosure that lets their product line host up to 1.2PB of storage in a rack and up to 6 GB/s bandwidth (more if you cluster them, obviously).

DataDirect Networks (DDN), Inc. the data infrastructure provider for the most extreme, content-intensive environments in the world, today announced that it has now doubled the capacity, density and power-efficiency of storage management for customers of its award-winning S2A storage systems. Introducing support for high-capacity two terabyte enterprise and low-power SATA hard-drives, DDN has again achieved the highest levels of space and power efficiency–while also making it cost-effective and reliable for customers to deploy large, consolidated pools of SATA storage sized up to 2.4 petabytes of disk capacity per storage system.

The flagship SA9900 offers FC-4, FC-8, GigE, 10GigE and/or Infiniband DDR and lets users manage 2.4 PB in two racks as a single system (that’s 1200 drives).

This announcement makes DDN the densest solution available right now at roughly 30 TB/U and trays that host 60 drives. Scalable Informatics’ JR5 96TB unit was the previous leader at 19.2TB/U, so this is quite a jump. The increase comes with some performance hit, though, as the lower end of the usable performance of the JR5 is 200MB/s/U, or about 8 GB/s for a full rack (compared to DDN’s 6 GB/s).


  1. Hi John –

    Thanks for the post.
    Remember, we also have a 3-tray configuration for the 9900, which allows you to deliver the performance of the S2A9900 in only 16U. Outfitting two of them in a rack, you can deploy over 10GB/s in only 32U.

    Alternatively, customers can configure several of our modular S2A6620 systems (can achieve up to 1.5GB/s in 4U) to achieve even greater performance densities – over 15GB/s across multiple systems in a single data center rack.

    We’ll continue to push the envelope on both performance, density and capacity… so stay tuned.


    Jeff Denworth
    VP, Marketing