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OSC Expands Flagship IBM Super

The Ohio Supercomputing Center, Monday, announced a new expansion to its current flagship IBM supercomputer.  The $4million effort is billed to provide further computational support for the state’s economic development aspirations.  The expansion integrates additional hardware into the original, IBM Cluster 135, system that went operational in January 2008.  Due to overwhelming demand, the original system reached capacity in three months.

The expansion, which is dedicated to bioscience and additional research efforts targeted by the state, provides badly needed high performance computing resources for academic and industry researchers,” said Stanley C. Ahalt, executive director of the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

“For every $1 the State in Ohio invests in OSC, $17 returns to the Ohio economy,” Ahalt said. “With these critical, new supercomputing assets in place, researchers can further propel Ohio to the forefront of biosciences research, funding and job creation.”

The new, combined, system provides 75TF of compute power and 24TB of memory via 9,532 cores.  The specifics are as follows:

  • 75 teraflops of theoretical peak performance
  • 1,624 nodes/24 Tbytes of memory/9,532 cores
    • 877 dual socket, dual core nodes (2.6 GHz Opteron); 8 GBs memory/node
    • 86 quad socket, dual core nodes (2.6 GHz Opteron); 16 GBs memory/node
    • 2 dual socket, dual core nodes (2.6 GHz Opteron); 8 GBs memory (login nodes)
    • 650 dual socket, quad core nodes (2.5 GHz Shanghai); 24 GBs memory/node
    • 8 quad socket, quad core nodes (2.4 GHz Shanghai); 64 GBs memory/node
    • 1 e1350 Blade Center, with 4 dual cell-based QS20 blades
  • All connected together by 10 Gbps Infiniband

For more info on the OSC expansion, read their release here.


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