Panasas Tapped for SNIA Co-Chair

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panasasPanasas, today, announced that Don Grabski, director of product management, has been appointed the co-chairman of Storage Networking Industry Association’s [SNIA] Network File System Special Interest Group [NFS SIG].  In this post, Grabski will collaborate with industry leaders from companies such as EMC, NetApp and Sun to drive overall market growth and spearhead broad adoption of Network File Systems.  He will take a special focus on the adoption and continued standardization of Parallel I/O Network File System, or pNFS.

As an industry leader and one of the founding members of parallel computing storage and the pNFS initiative, Panasas has an obligation to promote new industry standards in a broad and equitable fashion highlighting the value and logistics for adoption. In turn, we are making it easier for customers to deploy parallel storage across a broader range of applications and markets while ensuring compatibility,” said Grabski.

Those of you unfamiliar with pNFS, it essentially allows users access to storage devices directly and in parallel via a combination of parallel I/O and NFS.  Think having a distributed NFS system without a multitude of mount points.  This could prove to be especially important to those in HPC.  Rather than utilizing clustered file systems designed for large-scale deployments, users will smaller compute needs can also realize good I/O numbers without significant infrastructure costs.

For more info, read the full release here.