T-Platforms spreading the word about HPC as Russia mounts technology push

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You may remember last month’s news that Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev committed to advancing his country’s proficiency with supercomputing, using language reminiscent of the Cold War competition between the US and the former Soviet Union (Michael at HPCwire has a really good blog post on this issue and the surrounding events).

We can already see the fallout from last month’s high level government speeches in an announcement from Russian supercomputer manufacturer T-Platforms released this week. T-Platforms participated in an international astrophysics conference in Russia

On September 8-12, 2009, the International Conference “Nonstationary Phenomena and Instabilities in Astrophysics” (NPIA-09) took place in the Russian city of Volgograd. The event was dedicated to the latest world trends and developments in astrophysics and was attended by specialists from Russia, the USA and Europe.

…“The purpose of our participation in the conference was to show how supercomputers could accelerate the development of the Russian astrophysical science. The modern Russian supercomputer technologies allow doing that. In particular, T-Platforms supercomputers are recognized by Russian and foreign specialists as competitive on the international market, and they already provide some practical usefulness in various fields, including astrophysics”, says Damir Uzbekov, business development manager of T-Platforms company.