The Register has a Sun roadmap, no 16-core Rock

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I’m not going to spend a lot of time of this, since the value of knowing what Sun does and doesn’t plan on its server chip roadmap is marginal these days given the great uncertainty in the future of that business. The Register evidently has gotten a copy of the one page summary of Sun’s roadmap

Sun logoEl Reg has obtained the one-page roadmap that Sun’s customers – and presumably also Fujitsu’s customers – have been shown about the future Sparc processor lineup. As we originally reported in mid-June, the 16-core “Rock” UltraSparc-RK processor for Sun’s once-and-never “Supernova” line of servers is not on the roadmap.

…The roadmap above is by no means the ultimate roadmap that Oracle will use to pilot the Sun server business once it has acquired the company, which it almost surely will because no one else wants Sun, at least not in its entirety. And despite all of its bravado about taking on IBM in the server business in recent weeks (see here and here), it would be hard to find anyone in the IT business who wasn’t skeptical about Oracle’s long-term commitment to being in the relatively low margin server biz, especially since it not only apparently tried to sell off Sun’s server biz to Hewlett-Packard before launching its acquisition, but also tried to sell it off since the proposed takeover was announced in April. Oracle has not confirmed any of this, of course.

More in the article at El Reg.