TotalView Tech Releases MemoryScape 3.0

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totalviewTotalView Technologies has announced the release of its MemoryScape version 3.0 product.  The new releases includes a feature called ‘Red Zones’ which allows developers to gather immediate feedback if their application reads from or writes to areas either before or after memory buffer [typically referred to as buffer overruns or under runs].  It also retains its ability to tie very small memory leaks back to individual lines of source code.

Array bounds violations, such as those detected by the new Red Zones feature, frequently lead to unstable programs that fail in seemingly random points. Such problems are extremely time consuming and difficult to resolve without capable software tools. MemoryScape and TotalView give developers just the capabilities they need to quickly and easily resolve such errors,” said Chris Gottbrath, Director of Product Management at TotalView Technologies. “Ultimately, by making these problems easy to resolve we enable our commercial and scientific users to produce more with less effort.”

MemoryScape’s interface provides users a graphical tool that allows one to quickly diagnose and debug very specific memory issues of applications written in C, C++ and Fortran.  For more info, read the full release here.